The family company
At Busche, we have been developing state-of-the-art sewing stations for generations, thus optimising the processes of numerous industries. The sewing industry across Europe relies on our more than 70 years of experience. Busche’s sewing technology has its origins in Stuttgart, but what began with Konrad Busche and a small workshop has by now developed into 12 locations. 

Trust as a common thread
Before the triumphant advance of the sewing machines, textiles in industry were sewn by hand by talented seamstresses with unbelievable skill. Each worker brought their own individual talent with them. However, modern industry demands exact repetitions for thousands of pieces. Today, quality means precision – placing the stitch to the exact millimetre over and over again.

A long-term outlook
Busche thinks in generations, not quarters! The solid values of a family business have always been the driving force behind innovation. The industry’s specialists only feel at home in a sustainable corporate culture. When the best in sewing technology all comes together under one roof and is challenged with exciting projects, it creates something extraordinary. The longevity of Busche’s solutions has therefore had its origins in sustainable thinking since day 1.

Founded by Konrad Busche

up to

stitches per minute
locations across Europe

Trust as a
common thread

“Because of our experience, we know the market inside out. We know what it needs and what it requires from us. By consistently delivering high quality, providing flexible services and reacting quickly, our customers know that things simply work with Busche. Mutual trust, lasting decades, is and remains our greatest asset. We are happy to invest in that.”
– Björn Busche, CEO
"Proud to be a hidden champion"

– Björn Busche, CEO




Despite the crisis, Busche is on solid economic ground and experiences constant growth. Big topics are digitalisation and Industry 4.0. For more than 70 years now, we have never lost the thread, and see ourselves at just the beginning of a much longer journey.


Konrad Busche GmbH & Co. KG celebrates its 70th company anniversary in line with the motto: “We’re just getting started!” This anniversary is just another milestone on the way to becoming a centenarian.


Marabout technology becomes an essential part of Busche solutions. The state-of-the-art software connects analog sewing machines and forms an intelligently networked unit on a large scale. Thanks to real-time monitoring and automated quality control of the entire manufacturing process, production stops are now a thing of the past.


Björn Busche takes over the management of the company in its 3rd generation after being involved in its development as a member of the advisory board since 2005.


Busche takes over the representation for all Yamato machines across Europe and supplies all dealers from Hamburg.


Hubert Lauströer takes over the post and puts great emphasis on automation.


Managing director Hans Busche dies.


The first foreign subsidiary is founded in Romania. The first step to Europe is taken.



New branches are built and moved into at regular intervals. It will soon be impossible to imagine the modern industry without Busche’s products and solutions.


Hans Busche takes over the business at the age of just 23 and puts all his energy into further growth. He takes over his father’s visions and implements them with flying colours.


New Headquarters in Stuttgart.


The expansion begins. The first of many extensions is built in Gütersloh.


The first branch is built in Stuttgart. The team working with Konrad Busche in Rosenbergerstraße quickly grows to ten employees.


Konrad Busche founds an independent business in used sewing machines. On 1st October, the foundation stone was thus laid for a long and successful company history.



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