Technical textiles

Technical textiles Everything is sewn Busche seams are by your side throughout every aspect of daily life, and are often well hidden. Would you have thought that artificial turf, convertible roofs or the leather strap of your wristwatch would be held together by our sewing machines? Textiles have to be connected, and this is usually … Read more


Clothing Seam after seam after seam A garment consists of many individual parts. Each element has its own requirement in the sewing process and therefore requires its individual sewing solution. For a pair of trousers or a shirt, numerous workstations work consistently on individual tasks in order to produce a common end product. A smooth … Read more


Automotive Life-saving measures Busche saves lives on a daily basis! There’s always a traffic accident occurring somewhere. Luckily, airbags cushion the impact. The airbag seams need to provide maximum strength to withstand these forces, while the interior seams need to tear at a certain load in order to secure the process: a balancing act for … Read more


Lingerie The hidden champion Regardless of which textile you come into contact with, it was almost always sewn in one place. In the best case scenario, though, you won’t even notice, because the seams are perfectly finished. Busche has always acted beneath the surface of broad perception and proves itself to his partners purely through … Read more