Life-saving measures
Busche saves lives on a daily basis! There’s always a traffic accident occurring somewhere. Luckily, airbags cushion the impact. The airbag seams need to provide maximum strength to withstand these forces, while the interior seams need to tear at a certain load in order to secure the process: a balancing act for experts in sewing technology.

A diverse industry
The average car contains around 50 kilos of textiles. The material has to be stitched as part of a mass production process and with high precision. From airbags to seats, from belts to rests, from floor mats to steering wheels – you will find stitching everywhere! And every application requires its own special solution. Our machines process demanding and valuable materials that do not allow for any errors.
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The highest of demands

Because the automotive industry combines numerous sectors in one important product, it only works with the best. Busche machines do exactly what large industries need:
– Broad expertise for individual requests
– Large-scale production
– High delivery capacity
– Flexible service close by

Industry 4.0

Anyone who sees digitalisation as their main focus is taking the inevitable step towards the future. What looks like science fiction in car manufacturing among others originates from Busche production:
– Networking of all machines for centralised control
– Real-time monitoring of output and productivity
– Real time engine data
– Simple handling, which enables quick training of staff
– Short response and implementation times
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The automotive sector entirely conceived in every detail

We call ourselves experts because we understand the processes of the automotive sector holistically. Simply put: if you sew, you also have to iron and fold:
1. Needs analysis
2. Concept
3. Manufacturing
4. Assembly
5. Installation
6. Service


The product range of our partners is extensive 
– our basis for automated sewing solutions.



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